What I Wore Wednesday


Is it sad or scary when you can’t remember what you did a week ago?

I’m pretty sure I went Goodwill shopping, and probably did the dishes and some laundry…


Cardigan ~ Jones New York (Goodwill)

White T-shirt ~ you can’t see the neckline covered with gauzy rosettes ~ New York and Company (Goodwill)

Pink cami ~ V.1 Couture (Goodwill)

Jeans ~ Gap (Gap Outlet)

Scarf ~ BP (Nordstrom – clearance)


When you recruit your tween daughter to take your photos, you get what you pay for…

picture after picture of my pockets.

If you look to the right, you can see the mirror reflecting her messier-than-mine closet.

Sweater, with 5 pockets ~ sleeping on snow (Goodwill)

Jeans (that you can’t see) ~ Gap


If all you know of me is from What I Wore Wednesday,

then you would think all I do is dishes, laundry and Goodwill shopping.

You might be right.

Black cami ~ Merona (Target)

Blue & Gray striped Boyfriend cardigan ~ Banana Republic (Goodwill)

Jeans ~ Gap


Andy invited me to have lunch with him, for the first time since he changed jobs in June.

Then, I get to come home and do… you guessed it… dishes and laundry.

Cardigan ~ Merona (Target ~ 2 yrs ago)

Striped, sleeveless top ~ New York and Company (Goodwill)

Black and Gray ruffly scarf ~ Merona (Technically it came from Target, but I stole it from my tween’s closet)

Jeans ~ Gap (Seriously – I only have 4 pairs of jeans that fit me)



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