Old Anthropologie Catalogs

**EDITED 08/15/13

I have some bad news, Anthro lovers. When Anthropologie updated their website earlier this year (and made everything searchable from the top of the page), they DELETED all the old catalog files.

I’ll pause for a moment so you can weep in silence.

I’m still going to leave the links below so that if (or when) Anthro brings them back, they are cataloged for you enjoyment. I’ve also emailed Anthro’s IT team to see if this is a permanent thing – I’ll hold my  breath until I get a response.


I’ve spent countless and tireless hours composing the largest list of online, older Anthropologie catalogs for your viewing pleasure. This list is especially important if you find and resell older Anthropologie clothing and want the original stock photo of the item. But, keep in mind if you click on the picture in the catalog, it will direct you to a broken link as the clothing in the older catalogs no longer exist.

You have to use your Print Screen function on the specific pictures – FOR MACS: shift, apple, 4.

I am missing a few from this past year, but I’ll add them as soon as I find them!

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  1. You rock! Thanks for this! So much inspiration!

  2. None of the catalogs are working like they used to! I wonder if Anthro took them all down :(

  3. What is the name and maker of the tall corkscrew lamp that Anthropology was selling about 5 years ago? Thanks!


  4. These aren’t all working. Any chance of restoration?

  5. The Autumn 2005 in particular is not working… can this be fixed?
    Thank you!

  6. I was in this San Fran store Nov 2005 and almost bought a perfume, the name I thought was Hakiu or something Japanese, and I looked all over for any infomation HELP?

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