Here’s the swimsuit featured on GLEE!

So, you saw tonight’s episode of Glee and you’re desperate to purchase the swimsuit featured on the show? Well, I’ve found it for you, but you better hurry – I don’t expect stock to last, at least not with the thousands of women racing to get this cute number. I think it would be fun to learn how to design clothes modeled after shows like Glee.
The swimsuit is called The Hello Sailor Bettie One Piece and it comes in sizes X-Small to 2XL. This is a suit that is almost guaranteed to look good on every shape and size! You can purchase it here (or click on the picture).

LATEST NEWS: Laura from PinupGirl Clothing said “We are producing the matching skirt, not producing a brand new swimsuit with the skirt. We have received a couple of complaints from blog readers who purchased the suit, were unhappy with the fitted skirt, and want to know if they can exchange it for the “exact replica” we’ll be producing in a couple of weeks. The suits worn on Glee are exactly the same as the ones we produce on the site, and were pulled from existing stock. Glee simply added a skirt. We will be producing the skirt, which will be available for purchase as an add-on to the suit. We will not be producing a different suit at all.”


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  1. Where can we buy it, thank you for finding it!

  2. Thanks, I just ordered one for my daughter!

  3. That is a gorgeous suit. Very much the 1950s style I love.

  4. I really want this suit, but the one for sale and the one on the show seem to have really different skirts. I would be so much more comfortable with the more flared skirt as opposed to the skin tight one on the for sale version. : (

    • Agreed! I was disappointed to see that difference. I’ve discovered that I’m MUCH more comfortable in a skirted suit, but when its so tight it pretty much defeats the point.

      • Trust me, you’re preaching to the choir! I like my jiggly bits covered! I’m a “Liz Lemon at the beach” sort of gal!

    • If you click on the link there is a over skirt you buy and if you look closely to the glee pictures the girl have the other skirt on it’s the same one

  5. it is not the exact suit. i just almost purchased it. the one on glee had a skirt on the bottom, this is more shorts.

    • Unfortunately, the Glee costume designers had this company special-make the skirt version for the show and they are, back contract, not to sell that exact one. I’m afraid this is as close as we can get!

  6. What about the guys swimsuits? Who made/sells them?

  7. thank you so much ordering now, though i wish we could get the same one from the show!

  8. The cast is wearing the exact swimsuit from our website. The show added the flare skirt atop the suit for modesty’s sake. We are producing the matching flare skirt and will have it for sale in a few weeks <3

  9. It doesn’t appear on your pictures, but there were also red swimsuits for women… How about them? Do you know where I could purchase one?

  10. Britskidiva says:

    Does anyone know if we will be able to purchase the skirt seperately? I would like to buy the suit now and then the skirt when it becomes available, if possible.

    • Yes – the skirt will be available in two weeks. I would suggest you purchasing the suit now! I did!

      • Britskidiva says:

        Thank you! I just ordered the suit. I am very excited to wear it on my upcoming cruise!

      • Bayoubabe76 says:

        Just got off of live chat with a pinupgirlclothing representative. They are not sure that they will be producing the skirt to go with the swimsuit, now. She wouldn’t say why. Maybe as previous post said, it could have something to do with a contract with GLEE.

  11. ASamaras89 says:

    Will these suits be able to be taken in? I’m going to get the XL but I am trying to lose weight and I would like to be able to wear it when I am thinner.

  12. Hey, I just wanted to ask were I can find the skirt which fits to the suit ? on the Webside I can not find it :( Thanks for your answers and please excuse my english

  13. wondering if you ever found out about the add on skirt…
    love the suit – need a skirt.

    you guys heres the link to the one on glee w/ the skirt…. the skirt is attatchable

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