Just a list of the various things I have found myself saying, thinking or doing that are kind of entertaining, and some things DD has said.  I bought a blank journal to write them down so I don’t forget and I had my brother, the artist, draw on the cover.

“No, no, don’t put stickers on the cat”

Buying a purse because when you saw it, the first thing you thought was, “Ooooo, that looks stain resistant!”

“No, the brown crayon doesn’t taste like chocolate.  Yes, I know, it’s upsetting”

“Do you have teeth in your nose?” (DD was playing with Mr. Potato Head and getting creative)

DD: Moon!

Me: Yes, there is the moon

DD: Wanna take it

Me: You want the moon?……um, honey I dont really know how to go about that, but I totally would if I could

“Are you giving the baby a ride on your alligator xylophone?” (sounds like a bad acid trip doesn’t it?)

“Oww, what the hell?!  Oh, stepped on DD’s mixed vegetables” (the plastic ones that came with her play kitchen)

“No, don’t put lotion on the cat”

“No, don’t lick the cat”

“Don’t worry the cat is not going to take your bagel, toy, crayons, markers, shoes, cup, babydoll” (right now she is accusing the cats of trying to steal all kinds of things)

DD:”Mommy, I know something.”  ME: “Oh really?  What do you know?” DD: “Monkeys.”

DD told my mom she wanted to go swimming.  My mom said she couldn’t go because she didn’t have her bathing suit, so DD got in her Cozy Coupe and told my mom she would drive home and get her “baby suit” and then she would go swimming.

Playing with clear alphabet blocks, she picked up the D block with a dog inside, Hubby says, “Is that a dog?” DD: Um- no, I think it’s a robot.”

Venturing into underpants and potty training.  After DD’s first accident, I asked her what she thought of underpants and she sighed and said, “It’s messy.”

Hubby: What did you do at school?

DD: I painted!

Hubby: You did?  You painted a picture?

DD: No that’s too hard, I just painted.  Maybe when I’m older I can paint a picture

Me: We are going to ride horses this weekend!

DD: Going to the marry go round?

Me: no honey, a REAL horse!

DD: …….can the horse go on the merry go round?

DD: Momo (the cat, Gizmo) is my best friend!

Hubby: What about Gremmy? (the other cat, Gremlin)

DD: Um….he’s downstairs.

Two is a funny age



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