Dark Circle Corrector

I am 30.


Well, technically almost 31.


I just let out a big sigh. Age is creeping up on me. I see it in the small lines around my eyes and miniscule creases on my forehead. But the thing I suffer from the most is dark circles under my eyes and the accompanying bags.

I first noticed them a month before I gave birth to my first daughter. I woke up one morning and BAM! there they were and they have been with me every since. I didn’t know what to do with the dark circles – I was blessed with really great skin (Thanks Mom!). My complexion is neither oily nor dry and because I am very sensitive to harsh chemicals, I only wash my face with water.

I have been blemish free, wrinkle free and dark circle free for most of my 30 years… until pregnancy.

I lived with it for a few months before reaching out to one of my beauty blogging buddies for advice on which products I should use that would be gentle on my sensitive skin, but strong enough to banish the dark circles and bags.

I used Origins, La Mer, Clinque, Olay and every other product on the market. I used cucumbers, got facials and seaweed wraps, I even went as far as slapping an ice mask on my face every night and the only thing that changed was my checking account. None of them worked.

I went back to my beauty guru and she suggested more sleep or perhaps a Bobbi Brown Under Eye concealer.

Sure, Bets. I could get more sleep, but while you’re at it can you please send me a night nanny and money to pay her with?

There was no way “more sleep” was going to happen – especially since I was in my sixth month of my second pregnancy. Sleep was a far-off dream.

I went with the concealer and have been suffering in silence and slathering cover-up on my face every since.. until I came across a miracle product.

The Eye Revolution Gel from Dermagist uses specialized ingredients focus on improving that darkened look, and giving the eye area a light, fresh complexion. The blood particles that accumulate under the skin is what causes that “dark circle” that is so dreaded. The formulation in the Eye Revolution Gel is intended to help the particles dissipate, and thus, provide benefit to the area, in terms of darkness.

I have used this product for just under three weeks now and I’ve noticed significant results. I put it on in the morning underneath my make-up and in the evening and the first thing to go was the puffiness. I still have some dark circles under my eyes, but it has lightened up and I’m confident over time they will disappear for good.

I haven’t changed my eating habits, my beauty habits (save for this one) or sleeping habits. The change came from using this product. It’s sensitive enough for allergy-prone people such as myself. My eyes didn’t water after applying it to my skin, I didn’t break out and the smell didn’t make me sneeze.

Try it for 30 days. You’ll notice a big difference too. What do you have to lose other than those pesky dark circles? And let’s face it, when you’re staring down the barrel of middle age, the last thing you want is bags under your eyes making you look older than your years.

And because Dermagist is such a great company, they graciously offered give one of my readers the Hydrating Spa System, a $140 value! The Hydrating Spa System is a total body luxury spa treatment combining ALL 3 of their lotions for hand, body, and feet, that will leave you moisturized, relaxed and looking younger.

  • The body lotion for deep hydration, calming of the skin and firming of wrinkles and sags.
  • The hand cream for removal of age spots and discoloration, while tightening and providing a youthful look.
  • The foot cream for soothing and relaxing tired feet while healing cracks and dryness with a therapeutic combination of ingredients.


To enter the giveaway, please LIKE their Facebook page (to stay up to date on all their promotions and sales), follow them on YouTube, and enter a comment below. I’ll announce a winner on Friday at noon.

That gives you two and a half days to enter, enter, enter!

To buy the Eye Revoltion Gel or to find more great products, visit Dermagist on the Web or call them to place your order at 1-888-273-8011.

The winner of the prize package, selected my Random Generator is…. ERIN!

Thanks for entering guys, stay tuned for more delightful giveaways!

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  1. I have never tried a product from Dermagist, but everything you suggest I buy and LOVE! Maybe I will get lucky and not have to buy this one right away :) but it is now added to my “must have” list!

  2. I need this SO HARD.

  3. Yay. Can’t wait until I win

  4. Yeah! Enter me I could use some new product!

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  6. Ann Anderson says:

    OMG, if this stuff really works, I’ll take 10! I really need this miracle sooo bad.

  7. cindy lou aka mom says:

    you are welcome daughter that you are happy that you inherited my skin!!! I really want to try this product for my problem area!! i love your review! such a talented writer! love from your mama

  8. Looks like a great product! I wanna try!

  9. I”d like to try it!

  10. I could use some new product!

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