And the coolest bookstore award goes to…


The coolest bookstore in the world is located in downtown Rochester, Minn. You’ll agree with me as soon as you step inside.   My friends and I stumbled into the bookstore while walking through Rochester’s skyways last winter. We rounded a corner and suddenly we were inside a French castle, filled with books. Our mouths [Read On]

How I navigated the Concrete Jungle


Before going anywhere, I always purchase a guide book – even with all the technology one could dream of right at their fingertips. And like most things in life, you always want the most current edition – the best of the best. You can purchase guide books one of three ways: 1) Make a trip [Read On]

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge


Out of all the sights we saw and the places we visited over a three-day weekend in New York our favorite, my favorite, was the Brooklyn Bridge. We spent most of Friday (the day we flew in) trying to get around the city in torrential downpour – like five-inches-an-hour downpour. I was scared that our [Read On]

New York, New York


For Rob’s 30th birthday I wanted to go BIG, and what’s bigger than the greatest city in the world? Nothing. So I whipped out the credit card in lightening speed, sent a short, but sweet, email to Nancy to secure baby-sitting services, and by July 27th, I had our vacation planned – a vacation sans [Read On]

Get wet – indoor water parks 2 of 2


If you’re like me, you’re mourning the hot weather and want to get back in the water. Tis the season for indoor water parks. There are plenty around. As a mother of a toddler, I know the things I look for in a water park are specific to my daughter’s age. I want her to [Read On]

Get wet – outside water parks 1 of 2


Water. Ah. That’s what summer is all about. Getting wet. Swimming. Splashing. Cooling off. I love summer and I love water parks. When it isn’t summer, I get my water fix by heading to an indoor pool. Over the past two-and-a-half years, my daughter and I have explored a lot of the water parks in [Read On]

They put real cream in your coffee at Silverwood Park…

Real cream. Indulge yourself with real cream from the glass jar from the coffee shop.

Are you a city dweller pining for nature? You don’t have to drive far to find peace and quiet. Silverwood Park in St. Anthony is a 15-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis. Nestled on the shores of Silver Lake, the park is a tranquil spot full of mature oaks, restored prairie, picnic tables and fishing piers. [Read On]

A long trip to say goodbye

Gabe asleep on the bus that took us to Mexico and back in 10th grade.

When a high school friend died last month, I didn’t hesitate. I knew I needed to say goodbye at his funeral. The problem was I live in Minnesota and everything was happening 900 miles away in Colorado. And because of the tragic nature of the auto crash that took his life, his funeral was the [Read On]

Barefoot on the Beach Part 4: Use a wedding web site

This is a web site design specifically for destination weddings courtesy of

Use a wedding web site to stay organized, let every one know what’s going on and share what’s happening with folks who can’t make it to your wedding.                                     Wedding web sites are especially great for destination weddings. [Read On]

Barefoot on the beach Part 3: Guests on a honeymoon?

Go ahead; take the plunge and have a destination wedding.

GUESTS ON A HONEYMOON? The whole idea of bringing my nearest and dearest to an exotic place and spending a week together leading up to the wedding making memories sounded wonderful to me. One day always seemed too short. But if you could stretch that out and have fun with each other before and after, [Read On]

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