Build your blood volume back up after blood loss

I lost a lot of blood during childbirth. To build my blood back up and regain my strength, I took everything I could find that might help. I spent two and one-half weeks in bed, and months to get back to my regular self. But I really think the supplements I took helped a lot. I went from unable to walk two steps to going back to work at my part-time job within a few weeks.

Here is a list of what I took:
• Floradix liquid iron 3x a day. (I had trouble with low hemmoglobin levels during pregnancy, so I had already been taking the iron. I did bump it up to 3 times a day, though.)
• The homepathic remedy Ferrum Phos 1x a day. It’s supposed to help with iron absorption.
• Women’s Precious Teapills (Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan) – 8 pills morning and night. It is a Chinese remedy to help after blood loss during labor.

I also ate apricots and raisens. Every morning I ate Coco Wheats cause they have lots of iron in them (nearly 100% of recommended daily value), and I put my molasses in with them too, and ate with soy milk (again, more iron).

And then just because childbirth hurts and all that, I took the homeopathic remedy Arnica for pain, and magnesium to soften stools. And I continued with my all-around go-to vitamin, liquid Vibe.

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  1. Super useful information, Tesha – thank you for sharing!

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